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About Us

Helpls is a platform to connect people who can help others by giving or sharing items in free with them. There are many things e.g. toys, books, furniture, shoes, jeans, T-shirts, winter cloths etc. which are no more in your use but can be used by others. Many people are not capable of buying things or buying may impact their monthly basic expenses. People in need of things but are not able to but it can search it on platform and can directly contact the owner.

Things like mosquito net, walker, baby sleeper, cloths etc. became useless as baby grow but can be used by other’s child. All parents want to give basic things to their child so kindly post these things if available with you. Similarly, books which are important to achieve life’s goal became not useful, once that goal is achieved. So help other’s to achieve their goals by giving those books to them.

Helpls is a platform where user can give or share items in free of cost with others. Sharing or giving items, which are in good condition but not in use gives good feeling from inside. Try it out.