Happiness in Helping

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Happiness in Helping

Science shows there are strong associations between happiness and helping others. Firstly, happiness helps helping. Happy people are more likely to be interested in or be inclined towards helping others. They are more likely to have recently performed acts of kindness or spent a greater percentage of their time or money helping others.
There appears to be a connection between happiness and helping others at every stage:

• Pre-school children who showed sympathy were more likely to have happy moods
• High school students who said they experienced strong positive feelings were more likely to be involved in public service activities such as volunteering
• Working adults who were happier at work were more likely to help others
• Volunteering has also been related to many benefits for senior citizens, including greater happiness and life satisfaction.

Volunteering is also related to increased happiness regardless of the socio-economic situation of the volunteer. What’s more people who give a proportion of their monthly income to charitable causes or spent it on gifts for others were found to be happier than people who did not spend on others, and this was regardless of income level.

From: Action for Happiness

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